Jonas Burkhalter   /


‚Dream‘ deals with the sometimes bizarre combinations of experiences, feelings, and scenes we encounter in dream states. The starting point is a Japanese bed frame from which I developed the sculpture. There are wooden panels that have changed their state and appear as if they have become soft at some point. There are imprints of existing form elements that have "fallen off" and now contribute to a peeling, growing moment. There are curved, naturally appearing forms, as well as opposing straight and industrial ones—like the galvanized grates that turn the bed frame into a platform. This walkable platform is elevated and drops vertically on two sides, with the edges bounded by a handrail that is open and overhanging at the apex, resembling a bow rail on a sailboat. In this scenario, it enhances the effect of "vertigo".

Bed frame , Acacia wood, fiber composite material, stainless steel, metal
160 x 300 x 300 cm